Northeast Wisconsin Girls Basketball League



1. Host school to provide two (2) WIAA officials for every game.

2. Payment of Officials:

Each team will bring $25 CASH for each GAME played.  The Team Representative will pay the Host Representative upon entering the gymnasium for the day’s games.  The Host Representative will then pay the officials $50 per game.

3. Each participating team must provide one person per game to do clock or scorebook.  Official scorebook needs only to keep track of individual fouls, team fouls, team points, and time-outs (Here is a document link for an easy-to-use score sheet - NWGBL Score Sheet.xls) .  Scoreboard/clock can be whatever is available to Host program.  Lastly, a copy of the NWGBL Game Rules(see Game Rules tab) must be on every scorers table.

4. Host school should be prepared to provide first aid. 

5. Each team will supply their own warm-up balls…the Host team will provide game balls.  All levels will use standard high school girls ball with exception of 3rd grade which will use 27.5 ball.

6. Weather cancellations must be made at least 2 hours prior to the game by the Host program calling the primary representative at each visiting program from the Contact List.

7. It is the responsibility of each organization to insure that coaches, players, and spectators represent your organization with dignity and respect.  Although winning is important, we will stress that sportsmanship is paramount.   We should view ourselves as a community coming together to benefit our youth. 

8. Photos and video may be taken but cannot be used for commercial purposes. Players cannot be identified by name on photos or video without written consent from player’s parent/guardian.

9. Host programs can use any of the following as a means of revenue generation on game day:

  • Admission Fee – Maximum that can be charged
  •            Adults- $3
  •            Students and Seniors-$1
  •            Children Under 5 Years Old -Free
  •            2 Coaches per team are free
  • Concessions
  • Fundraisers (i.e. t-shirts, etc.)
  • Games/Contests
  • 50/50 Raffle
  • Others as approved by league Primary Representatives




Ideas for Providing Money to Coaches to Bring each Saturday to Pay Officials:

If it is a challenge to get funds to your coaches every week, here are some ideas that could facilitate the process:

1. Using the November-December game schedule, note the number of games each of your teams are playing.  Write out a check to each coach to cover those games.  The coach would cash the check and have the funds on hand for each Saturday.  Do this again in January for the January-February games.  This would allow you to do all of the checks in just two sittings.


2. For programs that need to have a paper trail for funds distributed, consider having the coaches provide the payment from their own personal finances and submit a reimbursement form to the program.  You would then be able to write out a check with a documented reimbursement form.