Northeast Wisconsin Girls Basketball League



We are coming together as a basketball community to provide a great opportunity for our girls.  A lot of effort is going into providing a positive and growing experience.  The most important component of the success of this community is that all participants display conduct that keeps the experience positive.


Here are the key expectations for conduct:        

1.       In any game, there are 4 roles of participants:

a.       Players

b.      Coaches

c.       Officials

d.      Spectators

You can only be one of these roles.  Do not try to impose yourself onto an additional role.


2.       Cheer for your team.  Appreciate the opposing team. 


3.       The Coaches must be the only participants that have ruling dispute discussions with the officials.  Players should direct ruling concerns to the coaches and spectators should accept the ruling on the court.


4.       Coaches must respect the officiating and express concerns in a conversational format.  They should not bring attention to or “show up” the officials. 


5.       Build community by getting to know the other players, coaches, and spectators.  In most cases, we are going to be together for several years as they progress through the youth program and into high school.   It will be a lot more fun and set a positive environment for our youth if we build community.


6.       It is the responsibility of each program to guide their members and keep everyone in alignment with this Conduct Policy.   Abuse of this policy may result in suspension of individuals(player, coach,spectator), teams, and/or entire programs.  Governing will be done by the collective group of Primary Contacts for each program.